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  • On-site interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous)

  • On-demand (24/7) telephonic or video interpreting service

  • Pre-scheduled telephonic or video interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental

  • Translations


Pricing for interpreting will vary depending on complexity of work and interpreter qualification. Are you in need of a simultaneous interpreters for a conference or a group of people? Let us know and we will make sure that your interpreter can interpret simultaneously. The certified interpreters are recommended for legal proceedings, fast-paced conversations, and situations where precision of interpretation is especially important. The rates for a certified interpreter are usually higher than for non-certified interpreters. What's you primary concern - a budget or best possible quality? Let us know and we will find the best match to suit your needs.​​


How soon should I place an order?

Most of the interpreters work as freelancers. Their schedules book fast. Placing the request early you have a better chance of booking an interpreter for your assignment. But there are times when you have an urgent need. Don’t hesitate to call us! We will do our best to find you the help you need. We also offer on-demand telephonic interpreting services. Call us to find out how to get connected and place these calls. 

I have never worked with an interpreter before. What do I need to know?

Address the LEP client directly, in the 1st person. Speak in shorter segments with regular pauses. Some languages take longer time to interpret, because the interpreters either have to define the concepts since certain words do not exist in their culture, or because the length of the words.

Will you help me set up an appointment with my client?

Yes. Our interpreters can place a call to your client or schedule future appointments. 

May I request a certain interpreter?

Yes. We will honor your request and contact this interpreter to see if they are available. If this person is unavailable, we will let you know and schedule somebody else. 

Pricing for translations will depend on the language, deadlines, complexity of the project and the need for proofreading. Please call us and we will try to get you the quote within one day!

Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental is $200/day and will accommodate up to 60 people and up to 4 separate channels.


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